Tips For Winning Shooting Competitions

When it comes to guns using them in competitions and target practice is a great way to improve your skills and proficiency.  In general usage of guns, we will have standard equipment.  However, when in competition you will be required to use competition grade equipment.  One of the tools used will be competition holsters.

Find good targets

The targets that you use will depend on the type of weapon you use as well as the terrain that you will shoot in.  When shooting inside you will typically work with paper targets in the form of a bullseye or even the silhouette of a human.

competition holsters

Swinging targets

When working outside you may want to consider using a swinging target.  With a swinging target you can physically see the targets move when you hit them.  This can be a satisfying experience when shooting. 

Exploding targets

They have exploding targets that you can setup.  These targets are filled with a colored gas or powder.  When the target is hit by the bullets the targets will explode in a plume of smoke.  This can be a great wat to see where you hit the target as well as give you a visual indication that is just satisfying.

Different ammunition

The different ammunition you use in competition may be different from standard use.  These rounds can be less expensive which can be popular in competition.  Shooting off more expensive rounds can make the sport too expensive for people to enter into.  Using the lower priced ammo can open the sport to many more people.

Practice gun safety

No matter what you do or what you use, it is important that you practice gun safety.  This means that you never point a loaded weapon towards another person.  When walking around with your weapon you want to make sure that it is unloaded and that you have a lock on it.