Calendar You Will Actually Use

handmade calendar belvedere ca

Perhaps you have experience of this sort of thing. Every year, more or less around a similar time of year, you are bombarded with stick it up calendars. Most of the materials you are handed are purely promotional. These may be from the proverbial door to door salesman. Or they may be from a few of those service providers you, as a customer, need to rely on during the year. As if you were going away. As if you were having second thoughts about the services they were providing you, they wish to remind you, persuade you, to please stay with us.

And so they give you calendars, most of which you may never use. But of those one or two that you do ultimately plaster to your refrigerator or door or jobs board, you hardly ever use either. They are just so commercial. They hardly inspire you. You become bored with it. But still, you do need a calendar to keep track of the days, weeks and months that must come and go. And these days, they do pass by so quickly. Make a request for a customized version from a handmade calendar belvedere ca studio.

Or if you are okay without the custom, you can order a ready-made presentation from the studio’s artist. Compared to the commercial paper you have been inundated with over the years, these would be quite lovely. They are in water colors, you see. You cannot deny it. Art, in whatever medium, is always beautiful. Water color prints are usually quite pristine. You could be in a daze for a little longer than you planned. Perhaps this the only downside of such nice calendars. You spend so much time looking at them that you quickly lose track of time.