Should You Let Your Child Get Piercings?

Kids are finding more ways than ever to express themselves these days, and one of the most popular things kids like to do to express themselves in their own way is to opt for a piercing. This decision ultimately comes down to the parent, however, as piercing shops won’t allow kids and teens to get pierced without their parent’s consent.

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Should you let your child get a piercing? Let’s take a look at why your child might want to get a piercing and whether or not you should let them go through with it.

Why Get a Piercing?

A piercing is a simple way that a teenager can express themselves, simple as that. While some parents might see it as a sign of rebellion, it is simply something that is popular among teens, and you shouldn’t be too surprised if your teen would like to take part.

There are all kinds of piercings your child might want to go for, as well-this part depends on whether or not you agree with it. While you might think that they might want to simply pierce one or both of their ears, there are other popular piercing types these days, including nose piercings for nostril jewelry, eyebrow piercings, and more.

What Does it Accomplish?

For many kids, it doesn’t accomplish anything but provide your child with a sense of self. It allows them to express themselves through different jewelry, and lets them stand out in their own way. It could also help your teen feel like they fit in, as more and more teens are getting piercings in different places these days.

Up to You and Your Child

At the end of the day, the decision to allow your child to get a piercing comes down to you and your child. While they can’t legally get their own piercing until they are a legal adult without your consent, think about your child’s desires. Would a piercing hurt them or anyone else? It is usually simply a desire for your child to express themselves, and it shouldn’t worry you that much if your child is asking you to allow them to get a piercing.

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